XG-Gold is an XG Editor for all Yamaha XG Synthesizers & Modules (up to 16 parts supported).
Furthermore, it supports the hidden QS voices of the DB50XG, SW60 and MU10 as well as the QS300 voices.
You won't believe how powerful those little gears can roar...
The perfect editor for DB50XG, SW60XG, MU10 and QS300 because all these XG devices get a full access to the bombastic QS voices - they are far away from standard XG stuff!!!
Some small .mp3 clips using QS voices can be found on Petrosil's Mu(h)sikseite. Enjoy!
A MIDI player, XG-Mapper and lots of other useful functions are integrated.

The trial version has some limitations (e.g. no save functions and other limitations) and may be used for evaluation purposes without charge for a period of 30 days.

The registered version has no limitations and includes:
  • Free email support
  • Free updates of all future releases

    Latest version is 3.00

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    New features since 1.00:
    • Player with fader automtization
      - Plays your MIDI files while editing
      - rev, cho, var, pan, vol, amp env and filter changes made in a song will be shown in realtime for each Part while a song is playing
      - Peak activity display for each Part while playing
      - Song position display
      - Song position drag bar
      - For- and rewind function
      - Left & Right Locator
      - Locator position to Song position
      - Song position to Locator position
      - Cycle playback
      - Solo playback
    • Mixer Mode
      - Receives and sends on all 16 MIDI channels simultaneously so the program works like an XG editor & mixer - rev, cho, var, pan, vol, amp env and filter changes made in a song will be shown in realtime for each Part while a song is receiving - Peak activity display for each Part on receiving
    • Merge Music Data only
      - Merges music data to your current editor settings
    • Merge XG & Music Data
      - Merges music data & XG settings to your current editor settings
    • Delete Music Data
      - Deletes song data in the computer's memory - if you just need the XG data of a .mid loaded song etc...
    • Optional loading of 'hidden' SysEx data
      - Loads hidden XG SysEx data from any XG .mid
    • Load/Save Part
      - great feature to collect settings from any XG .mid
    • Additional file options
      - XF format etc...
    • New Voice Selector
      - all XG & QS voices in just one big selector - with search functions
    • Transmit as Controller
      - sends data as Controller - if available - if you like use it to edit your GM equipment too ...
    • Part Table
      - with auto open/close functions
    • Drum Editor now with Shift Drum Note Function
      - to play all available Drum Instruments on your MIDI keyboard
    • Assignable markers for graphical keyboards
      - to represent the playable range of your MIDI keyboard - very useful on creating split- and layer sounds
    • Refresh Drumbuffers
      - Sends all Drumbuffers (1-4) to refresh its internal buffers
    • Refresh All
      - Sends all editor data to the synth to refresh it
    • XG-Reset
      - Resets your XG device
    • Master Part for XG Mixer implemented
      ... and lots of other new functions ...
    Features in 1.00:
    • XG Editor & Librarian for all XG devices (up to 16 XG Parts supported)
      - Especially for QS compatible devices (DB50XG, SW60XG, MU10 and QS300 synth)!
      - Easy to use
    • QS Editor
      - for DB50XG, SW60XG, MU10 and QS300
      - with unique Random function
      - copy QS element
      - env / filter macros etc...
    • QS Bankloader
      - Copy, find, sort, swap, rename, receive, transmit etc ...
    • Bank Converter
      - extracts QS300 voices from any .mid file
    • QS300 Emulator
      - Creates 100% pure QS300 sound for all QS compatible XG devices
    • XG-Mapper
      - Transforms any Controller in real time into XG SysEx messages.
      - Example: move the pitch bender to open close the Filter, to modify Chorus, Reverb, Variation values etc...
    • Integrated MIDI Player
      - Plays your MIDI files while editing
    • MIDI file & Midiex support
      - Save and load support for .mid & .syx files
    • User Definable Color Interface
      - Use your preferred colors & background pattern
    • Drum Editor
    • Keyboard Range Editor
    • Audio Mixer
    • Copy Part, Initialize Part, set default value etc...
    • Virtual Keyboard
    • ... and lots of other useful functions ...
    Tested in Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP

    - min. 800x600 resuolution
    - min. 256 colours
    - Small fonts


    User Voices


    • I've had my SW60XG for a couple of years but never knew about the hidden banks...
      ...and I found your demo program by accident really, and I am completely blown away.
      The QS sounds are better than any of my other sound sources (M1, Morpheus, MS6) of course they are new and I may get over the initial shock, but I really thank you for such an excellent program

    • P. Robins, UK
    • .. the sounds I'm getting from my SW60 are far out running anything I ever hoped to get from the thing

    • R. Kimmings, UK
    • The *best* XG Editor out there (I've tried them all).
      What a *wonderful* update!
      Really unleashes the power of the QS voices - I had no idea my DB50 had so much in it!

    • T. Rockliff, USA
    • It's an odd experience to have something in the house for a year or so (in my case SW60 and MU10), and then find out that it does MASSES more than you thought it did when you bought it!"

    • R. Peveler, UK
    • I have seldom (if ever) come across such professional looking software

    • R. Cogman, UK
    • ... and was running out of things to do with the standard xg voices, XG-Gold has overwhelmed me with new voices and ideas

    • G. Fenton, UK
    • My DB50 now sings like it never did before! Thanks for waking it up

    • T. Hunt, UK
    • This is the most amazing program I have ever used.
      I have said it before but this is so user friendly that it gives you inspiration to play more music

    • E. Arseneau, Canada
    • I'm just knockeŽd out by this XG GOLD. At last I can use my XG card in a creative way

    • R. Hakansson, Sweden
    • This is such a usefull bit of software that has transformed my DB50 from something that never got used to one that now is the heart of most tracks.
      This is genuinely the best value piece of software that i have bought

    • M. Wilson, UK
    • It's a whole new world in my SW60 -Brilliant-!

    • P. Rawson, UK
    • It is wonderfull XG-editor, the best one I have ever seen and used!
      You have did a good job. QS banks and voices are fantastic!
      Thanks to your XG-Gold editor, I discover a real and big power of my SW60XG add on sound card

    • A. Kvakan, Croatia
    • This is probably the best piece of software I have ever seen

    • C. Holm (XGener8or of X-STATIC), Finland
    • XG-Gold is one hell of a program (The best)

    • T. Engebakken, Norway
    • I knew my DB50XG was capable of making some fine noises, but I couldn't stop playing with your proggie since I typed in the registration and dicovered the power of those 4 element voices

    • E. Groud, The Netherlands
    • Achim! What a piece of genius! You have made my midi nightmare a pleasure!!

    • T. Wice, UK
    • I have to say this is one of the best pieces of software i have seen ever, and i am very pleased to use it, it has brought my DB50 into the 21st century!

    • M. Becket, UK
    • What can I say?...BRILLIANT! Thanks millions

    • S. Hoy, UK
    • I too am a software developer (C++, VB, ASP, ATL, etc.), and having tried your demo versions of both XG-Gold and XG-Wizard, I take off my hat and give you a low bow.
      Excellent work! Just excellent

    • D. Phalen, USA
    • I'm amazed a little more each time I use it

    • K. Sonnier, USA
    • Your program is great! It's like I have a brand new synth!!!
      The random voice feature alone is worth the price!!!

    • C. Ashby, UK
    • The demo version blew me away. I've had my XG for about a year or so and never used it because I only managed to get GM MIDI sounds from it and felt as though I had been ripped off by Yamaha.
      Now I realise how good this card is - thanks to your software!!!"

    • M. Evans, UK
    • ... it really is a powerful program, but it is also so easy to use

    • R. Allington, UK
    • the functionality of your program is at top level (I'm very impressed to have such a program that drive my DB50XG as a real synth)"

    • T. Akyuz, Turkey
    • I love XG-Gold, it is the best piece of software [and definatley most used] I have

    • M. McCormack, UK
    • It is one of the most brilliant programs I have ever had the pleasure of using in my professional studio

    • M. Watson, STUDIO PROOF, Australia
    • Thanks for your software Achim, really good. It's teaching me so much about synthesis

    • B. Mawdsley, UK
    • ...with all the extra voices your program has given me. I had no idea it was capable of such amazing sound

    • A. Craig, UK
    • Here is a funny one:
      "I've only had the software for two days and already it has saved the lives of 3 children and numerous small animals"

    • P. Sarbiewski, USA
    • ... and so on ...


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