XG-Wizard is an Editor & Librarian for ALL XG gears especially for SW1000XG, but also ideal for MU50, MU80, MU90, MU100, MU128, QY70, QY700, CS1x, CS2x, PSR series, CVP series etc.
It supports PLG boards, Audio parts and up to 32 XG parts.
A MIDI player, Remote Control Interface, XG-Mapper and lots of other useful functions are integrated.

The trial version has some limitations (e.g. no save functions and other limitations) and may be used for evaluation purposes without charge for a period of 30 days.

The registered version has no limitations and includes:
  • Free email support
  • Free updates of all future releases

    Latest version is 2.01

  • Screenshots




    Fader Automatization:

    Rev, Cho, Var, Pan, Vol, Amp env and Filter changes made in a song will be shown in realtime for each Part while a song is playing back or if XG-Wizard receives such controller messages via MIDI in
    to see how it works just open "Achim's Minimalism.mid" and watch the Filter graphic of Part 1 and the VOL knob of div. Parts

    Remote Control:

    You can keep your hands on your MIDI keyboard all the time, you don't need to use the mouse or the computer keyboard! You can de/activate parts of the program, selecting edit sections and changing parameters via your MIDI keyboard.

    Mixer Mode:

    to route a soft/hardware sequencer's (or second computer's) MIDI output to XG-Wizard
    MIDI in data (all 16 channels) will be routed to the received MIDI channel and also be passed to the Fader Automatization

    Virtual Keyboard:

    now with additional wheels to trigger various controllers
    press the Shift key to trigger a random wheel movement while playing some notes on your MIDI keyboard, the virtual keyboard or even on the computer keyboard

    New Wheel Function:

    turn the wheel to de/increase a knob's value
    click on the wheel to switch between small/large change

    Key Play:

    To play MIDI note C3 to C4 - even chords can be played!

    Scale Tuning Macros:

    Comes with about 70 pre-defined scale tuning macros but you also can create and add your own ones.

    Delay Time Calculator:

    for delay parameters of variation and insertion effects
      to e.g. easily synchronize a delay parameter to a song tempo


    A very powerful tool to send a single or multiple .syx files to any MIDI device to setup your complete equipment (not only XG!) or to change a bunch of settings while a song is performed in a studio or live session
    Auto-Transmit: XG features not supported by XG-Wizard (e.g. modifying SW60 Mic In volume) can be automatically initialized at program start.
    For live or studio performance you can hold an unlimited amount of .syx files in a Syx File List to setup your equipment for the next song or just send a bunch of parameter changes (.syx file saved without XG reset command - new feature, see Special Save Option) at a certain song position e.g. at refrain positon change the Variation effect, add Reverb to Part 1, 7, 18, set Pan of Part 4 to left, Filter Frq of Part 8 to max, etc. - at chorus position change the Insertion effect, and so on... All done by a simple double click or a key stroke.


    now with positon/transport bar and individual Part mute
    the player also sends its output to the Fader Automatization


    Changing the filter resonance and panning the output with e.g. the Modulation Wheel of your MIDI keyboard? No problem!
    The XG-Mapper converts Controller messages to SysEx messages, so it directly controls the XG-Parameter of the current Part and FX settings.

    TC - Transmit as Controller:

    to send some parameters as controller to your sequencer
    to edit the main parameters of all GM compatible sound devices...


    ...lots of other useful features like Drum Editor, Keyboard Range Editor, Audio Part Editor, Copy Part, merge music data, user defineable Color Interface, etc. - see the list below...


    New features in 1.10 to 1.33:
    • Player
      - Peak control display for each Part while playing
      - Song position display
      - For- and rewind function
      - Left & Right Locator
      - Locator position to Song position
      - Song position to Locator position
      - Cycle playing
      - Solo playing
    • Merge Music Data only
      - Merges music data to your current editor settings
    • Merge XG & Music Data
      - Merges music data & XG settings to your current editor settings
    • Delete Music Data
      - Deletes song data in the computer's memory - if you just need the XG data of a .mid loaded song etc...
    • Optional loading of 'hidden' SysEx data
      - Loads hidden XG SysEx data from any XG .mid
    • Drum Editor now with Shift Drum Note Function
      - to play all available Drum Instruments on your MIDI keyboard
    • Assignable markers for graphical keyboards
      - to represent the playable range of your MIDI keyboard - very useful on creating split- and layer sounds
    • Refresh Drumbuffers
      - Sends all Drumbuffers (1-4) to refresh its internal buffers
    • Refresh All
      - Sends all editor data to the synth to refresh it
    • XG-Reset
      - Resets your XG device
    • Fast Start Up
      - needs only a third of the former start up time
    Features in 1.00:
    • Remote Control Interface
      - Edit your XG gear directly via your MIDI keyboard even if another program is active - you haven't seen it before !!!
    • XG-Mapper
      - Transforms any Controller in real time into XG SysEx messages.
      - Example: move the pitch bender to open/close the Filter, to modify Chorus, Reverb, Variation values etc...
    • Integrated MIDI Player
      - Plays your MIDI files while editing
    • XG Plug-in System support
      - PLG100-VH already implemented
    • MIDI file & Midiex support
      - Save and load support for .mid & .syx files
    • Small (min.800*600) & Big Mode (min.1024*768)
      -Big: about 460! knobs (Small: 433!) without any preselection plus div. graphical objects on just one screen!
    • User Definable Color Interface
      - Use your preferred colors & background pattern
    • Drum Editor
    • Keyboard Range Editor
    • Audio Mixer
    • Copy Part, Initialize Part, set default value etc...
    • Virtual Keyboard
    • ... and lots of other useful functions ...
    Tested in Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP

    - min. 800x600 resuolution
    - min. 256 colours
    - Small fonts


    User Voices


    • I just had to drop you a line to say...... Your editer is GREAT!!!
      I just can't say enough GOOD things about it.
      It looks good, it performs great and it gives me total control over my SW1000XG.
      I'm happy to support you in this excellent endever...
      PLEASE keep up the great work!!!!

    • M. Clayton, USA
    • Having now used XG Wizard for a few days, I have to say that it is absolutely the best piece of software I've come across for accessing the capabilities of the SW1000XG.
      It should be held up as an example of how to get things right.
      The SW1000XG is an amazing pice of kit - but Yamaha always seem to sell themselves short by not providing software that will allow full, friendly and intuitive access to all of the functionality. Thank goodness you're around.

    • K. Walsh, Scotland
    • Excellent!

    • D. Brown, USA
    • And let me restate that I think you've written a terrific program.
      More importantly you've *designed* a great program.
      The interface is superb. The usability is incredible.

    • M. Cooper, England
    • Thank you for such a cool product.

    • J. Jackson, USA
    • ... it works great ! Really, you've done a very good job, and the control layout for the program is really near to a real mixer!
      Working with your program is already easy and flawless.

    • D. Mortelliti, Italy
    • Please hurry, XG-Wizard is excellent. I can't wait to get my hands on the full version.

    • N. Emery, England
    • I'm very impressed with the intuitive layout - you have done a fine job!

    • C. McSkeane, England
    • i saw your editor, d/l the demo, and fell in love!
      i really feel your editor is worth every cent i paid for ... good work!
      in all honesty, you simply captured my vision how an editor for the SW1000 should be.
      ... in other words 'its a Bingo!'

    • A. Atwar, Israel
    • ... and so on ...


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